Burnt Sugar/Rebellum TOUR

Posted: April 13, 2014

REBELLUM: Burnt Sugar Arkestra’s funk & roll splinter cell  (NYC)

“A mul­tira­cial jam army that freestyles with cool telekine­sis between the lus­trous men­ace of Miles Davis” On The Cor­ner, the slash-and-om of 1970s King Crim­son, and Jimi Hen­drix’ moon­walk across side three of Elec­tric Lady­land.”David Fricke/Rolling Stone

4/23 Rumba Café Columbus, OH
4/23 Used Kids Records Columbus, OH
4/26 Walker Art Center Minneapolis, MN
4/27 The Frequency  Madison, WI
4/28 Oregon Express Dayton, OH
4/29 Oregon Express Dayton, OH
4/30 Mahalls 20 Lanes Cleveland, OH
5/01 Constellation Chicago, Il
5/02 Trinosophes Detroit, MI


REBELLUM is Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber’s funk & roll splinter-cell on tour to promote their new release,The Darknuss.”

Gripping the sum of  REBELLUM’s parts demands one apprehends these factions: The  two-part super fly vocal frontline of  Mikel Banks & Shelley Nicole;  those ace riddim section companeras, The Buckeye Bass Mack Jared Michael Nickerson & Straight-Up Caveman drummer, Matsu; not to mention Valerie June Guitar Hero Ben Tyree, Bari Sax Goddess for TVOR & Nick Waterhouse, “Moist” Paula Henderson, William Parker Trumpeter of Choice Lewis ‘Flip’Barnes and Vernon Reid Keyboard Liberator, Leon Gruenbaum.

This very accomplished crew’s playing credits also include Cecil Taylor, Toshi Reagon, Charlie Musselwhite, DJ Logic, Gary Lucas, Tamar Kali, Phish, William Parker, Mark Ribot,  Rev. Vince Anderson, Lizz Wright, The Holmes Brothers, Lady Kier, Wadada Leo Smith, David Murray and Joseph Bowie.

File under Grown&SexyAvant-Agit-Pop. The 13 songs on REBELLUM’s debut album on their own label, AvantGroidd Musica, burst forth a bloody profusion of exotic trace elements–warped soul harmonies, freedom swing hornplay, maggot brained guitar implosions and orchestral loopadelics in the dark. The spirits of Sun Ra, Ron Hardy, Eddie Hazel, Gary Numan and The Emotions are all welcome here.



Vocalists: Mikel Banks ~ Shelley Nicole 
Trumpet: Lewis “Flip” Barnes
Bari-Sax: “Moist” Paula Henderson 
Guitar: Ben Tyree
Keyboards: Leon Gruenbaum
Electric Bass: Jared Michael Nickerson

Drums: Matsu