*NEW PROJECT* – Activator Trio

Posted: March 19, 2019

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Activator Trio is the brainchild of Brooklyn, NY-based guitarist and composer Ben Tyree. Formed in 2018 as an extension of his critically-acclaimed ​BT3, the project features fellow ​Burnt Sugar: The Arkestra Chamber alums – Leon Gruenbaum (keyboards, Samchillian Tip Tip Tip CheeePeeeee) and ​Chris Eddleton (drums). The group debuted last Summer at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT showcasing their invigorating take on what Tyree calls “Psych Rock/Jazz Funk.” Activator Trio are preparing to record a full-length studio album in 2019 to be produced by Vernon Reid of Living Colour.

“Ben Tyree has an uncanny knack for blending unhinged Sonny Sharrock-esque skronking with precision fuzoid speed-picking and boppish chops abandon with his exhilarating Activator Trio. Add in the swirling psychedelia of his take on the Beatles’ trippiest tune, ‘Tomorrow Never Knows,’ and his soulful, Hendrix-flavored
‘S​hapeshifter​’ and you have a multi-faceted Strat strangler who ranks atop the heap of today’s post-Frisellian genre-defying guitar players.”

-​ Bill Milkowski (Freelance music writer for Down Beat, Jazziz, Absolute Sound, et al)

“With instrumentation echoing Tony Williams Lifetime, bandleader and guitar virtuoso Ben Tyree provokes a kaleidoscopic and alchemical blend of improvisational fury and intricately composed blueprints which platforms his trio’s chops, bravura and ingenuity. The bass-less lineup also includes keyboard wizard Leon Gruenbaum and longtall drum maestro Chris Eddleton.”

- G​reg Tate (co-founder, Black Rock Coalition and Village Voice Music Critic/Journalist 1987-2005)